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JANUARY tells the heartfelt story of a couple faced with a dilemma and the secrets uncovered about past family tragedy along the way and beginnings of the healing process.

Written by Ken Perlstein, Directed by Blake Drummond. Starring Ken Perstein, Rachel Green, Lonnie Ruland and Kayla Engeman. It was first screened as part of the AGR Short Film Challenge and is now a semi finalist for the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival.

JANUARY was also screened at the Millennial Film Festival, Los Angeles CineFest and 2017 Mindie Film Fest! We are so proud to show our film at these amazing festivals!


HOW AM I DOING is a peek into the world of middle-aged actor Eli Meyer, still fighting to chase his dream while struggling with the realities of divorce, fighting to maintain a relationship with his daughter Becka, and recovering from an addiction that is constantly staring him in the face.

This is a deeply personal story for me, one that I am grateful to have the opportunity to vulnerably share with you.

My dream of creating this pilot began with looking at my own struggles and challenges, raising a family, being a husband and a father, keeping my sobriety, all while continuing to pursue my career as an actor.

Your support means the world to me. Stay tuned.


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